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Fiona Colwell

Fiona Colwell brings a calm, processional and relaxed manner to the Mediation process. She assists participants to Mediation by placing them at ease whilst having the determination to secure the best possible outcome for all who are involved in the process.

Fiona is happy to assist you either at our mediation suite or at a location that is agreed between the parties.

Fiona qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and undertook training with the London School of Mediation in 2011. Fiona is a Partner and Head of the Civil Litigation department at Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP.

Fiona, in her practice as a Solicitor, deals with a variety of commercial and company disputes, together with construction, negligence, general contract and consumer disputes. Her caseload is varied and she also oversees the work of others within her Department, who deal with employment, contentious probate, property, landlord and tenant, and a wide variety of other civil disputes.

Fiona is pragmatic in her advice and will always look for the best resolution for the parties and importantly a resolution that is workable and that both parties are committed to.

Fiona is an ideal mediator for whatever the nature of your dispute. Ultimately, the parties must look forward and decide what it is they wish to achieve in resolving the matter and Fiona is very keen to ensure that parties keep focused on the future and resolution.!

In her practice as a Solicitor, Fiona sees Mediation as a process that all clients should consider as a means of resolving disputes. Often, cases that clients wish to pursue, would be much better dealt with by the way of creative settlements in Mediation rather than at court where a Judge will make an order which may not necessarily be one that any of the parties like.