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The role of the Mediator

The Mediator's job is to bring a calm, creative and professional approach to disputes. Our Mediators are flexible and will work around you to provide the smoothest solutions. At all times, the Mediator will remain in a neutral approach to both parties.

During the course of the mediation, the Mediator may certainly ask you some awkward and searching questions in order to test the reality of what you are advising them. These questions will only be asked in a private session and are strictly confidential.

The Mediator will wish to explore how the matter could progress if it continues at Court and whether there are commercial alternatives that can be considered.

We are motivated

The Mediator will be keen to see what potential there is in taking the matter forward and to resolve the dispute during the course of the Mediation.

During the Mediation, the Mediator will seek to provide equal time to each participant. However if the Mediator spends significant amount of time with one participant but not with the other, then that is not a reflection upon the case.

Equally, the Mediator may seek to see the legal representatives alone or to see the participants without their legal representatives. A key skill of a Mediator is to decide what is the best way forward in the Mediation and how best to utilise the time.