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Settlement through mediation

On the basis that a settlement is reached through Mediation, the participants will then commit this to writing. If legal representation is present with the parties, it is likely that the participants' lawyers will work together to draft a settlement agreement.

The Mediator will not decide the outcome nor provide legal advice in relation to this matter. Any offers and counter offers that may be considered during the course of the Mediation are of the participants’ doing and not the Mediators. We believe it is the utmost importance that the participants remain in control of the outcome of the Mediation.

It is possible that there will not be a settlement on the day of the Mediation. The Mediator will of course check that the participants are happy to stop and will consider if there really is no merit in continuing, if it is considered by the participants that there is an impasse. If instructed, the Mediator will then will terminate the Mediation. Sometimes, it is possible for the parties to reconvene after time for reflection and to progress with the Mediation.

It is all in your control

The Mediator will not have an influence over the agreement and nor will they retain a copy of it.

Even in circumstances where settlement is not achieved at Mediation, it is a very useful process to undertake. Generally, the participants will have a much better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and the Mediation opens a dialogue between the participants which they can then continue until settlement is reached.