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The Process

Mediation is not a process whereby the Mediator will decide your case for you and/or advise on the pros and cons of your case. The Mediator will instead use their skills to engage with you and to draw out what your ultimate desire is and what you seek to achieve from the process.

Once you have contacted us and it has been decided that Mediation is a way forward, we will then provide you with a copy of the Mediation Agreement for your consideration. It is imperative that all involved in the dispute sign a copy of the Mediation Agreement before the Mediation commences.

Confidentiality is key

The process is strictly confidential. Neither party may divulge what occurs at mediation or information that is discussed. The Mediator will only discuss points that you authorize the Mediator to discuss with the opposing party. Furthermore, any information shared with the Mediator will be stored safely and securely.

The Mediator will not retain any papers provided prior to the Mediation, nor will they keep a record of the discussions had during the course of the Mediation or of any settlement agreement that is ultimately signed.

Mediation Agreement

Each participant to a Mediation must sign our Mediation Agreement, a copy of which is available on request. The Mediation Agreement governs the Mediation and provides the rules of the Mediation. It is therefore imperative that you carefully consider the content of the Mediation Agreement before engaging in the Mediation process.

The Mediator will require all participants to the Mediation to provide a signed copy of the agreement, which confirms to the Mediator that the participants are all prepared to abide by such terms, prior to the Mediation commencing.

Should you have any queries in respect of the Mediation Agreement, please contact us.