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Once both parties to a dispute have decided that they wish to progress with Mediation all the necessary arrangements will be handled by us.

Prior to the mediation...

Before the mediation begins, the Mediator will have:

  • - Agreed the terms.

  • - Agreed to the location and the planned duration.

the participants will have received a copy of the formal Mediation Agreement, which will bind the participants to the process and also provide for important safe guards to both participants and the Mediator in the event that the Mediation does not progress as planned. It is important that you review the Mediation Agreement prior to the Mediation.

We have specially designed offices in Westcliff which are available for use, or you may have another location in mind.

Who will attend?

We will need to know who will be attending the Mediation. In order to assist you during the course of the Mediation, you may wish to bring professional advisers, such as solicitors or accountants or surveyors. However it is also important not to flood the Mediation with too many people for this could be counter productive.

Mediation during court

In the event that you are currently party to Court proceedings, both parties will need to inform the Court that you intend to try to resolve the dispute by Mediation. The Court is then likely to place a 'stay' on the proceedings to enable Mediation to progress.

It is imperative that the individual(s) who attend the Mediation on behalf of the participants, must have authority to settle the dispute in question. It is also advisable for such person(s) to have a good knowledge of all of the issues in order that they are prepared to have meaningful discussions and give sensible consideration to the issues involved in the dispute.