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Civil and commercial mediation

The process of Mediation is extremely well suited to the resolution of a whole host of business, personal and commercial disputes. Even if it seems there is no way a settlement can be agreed, Mediation can be used as a way to reach a resolution and enables parties to be creative in the settlements reached.

One of the key advantages of Mediation is that it can preserve business and personal relationships due to the fact that the participants will be looking forward to how matters might progress, rather than in the more adversarial forum of the Court, where the aim is could be perceived to be to attribute blame.

What does civil and commercial Mediation cover?

Mediation can be used for a wide variety of civil and commerical disputes, involving:

  • - Partnership and Company disputes

  • - Landlord and tenant claims

  • - Construction disputes

  • - General contract disputes

  • - Negligence claims

  • - Problems concerning supply of goods/services

  • - and much more...

Fundamental to the process of Mediation is that it is a flexible process that can be tailored to the needs of the participants, unlike the court process.