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Mediation is a process by which those involved in a dispute have the opportunity to explore the underlying issues between them with the benefit of a Mediator's assistance and with the aim of reaching a resolution.
Through a series of meetings (whether in open or private sessions) you will be able to work towards reaching resolution and a lasting agreement.

Mediation can also be used for a variety of matters from Landlord & Tenant issues to a multi party commercial dispute, all that is needed is for the participants in the Mediation to have a common interest in resolving the matter.

Working for the best of both worlds

PR Mediation offers Civil and Commercial mediation and has a mediation suite avaliable in Westcliff (Essex). Our facility is easily accessable by road and public transport, being within 15 minutes of Westcliff and Southend stations.

Mediation enables you to sit down in an informal, amicable and confidential environment, to reach a resolution that is mutually acceptable and to avoid the costs and stress of court proceedings.

Mediation is entirely voluntary and can be undertaken either before or during court proceedings. The Mediator will be entirely impartial and will help negotiations, using their mediation skills and legal knowledge to guide you.

If there are any questions then our resolution mediators will be happy to assist. Within Paul Robinson Solicitors LLP, our family department offers other ways to resolve conflict and our specialist Collaborative lawyers can assist you for Family matters.

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